What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Helping Hands Virtual Assistant (VA) is the ultimate flexible staffing resource  -  an additional member of your team that you can call on when :

* there’s too much work to do

* There’s not enough time to do it in

* There’s work that you don't know how to do

* There’s work that you don’t want to do!

We provide remote business support and training to ensure that the things you can't (or don't want to!) do get done right and on time!

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

There are many reasons to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant, with some of the key advantages being :

* The Helping Hands team cover a wide ranging skill set with expertise in many areas - all of which you can tap into

* You only need to utilise us when there’s work for us to do  -  when you have permanent staff, they need to be occupied at all times in order to be financially viable to your business

* VA’s carry no overhead to you for desk space, equipment, superannuation, annual leave, personal leave or public holiday pay

Most important of all, we're all about giving you back your time - time that you can use to do what you do best.

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